Japan is often promoted as trendy and fascinating through programs such as “Cool Japan.” Is Japan actually “cool”, though? Here on this site, we at ANA let you decide. We share a wide variety of both new and old stories about Japan ― from traditional customs to the latest trends and culture. If something catches your eye, read the full story and share it if you think it’s cool. Depending on what you like, you'll discover what's truly cool about Japan. By sharing stories, we bring new ways to introduce cool Japanese culture and fascinating flight destinations to you. Keep an eye out for new content, and be aware: the more you know about Japan, the more you'll want to know. Come to Japan on ANA. Always changing. Always new!



How cool is Japan? We strive to develop varied themes,
so you can share intriguing aspects of Japanese culture from traditions to latest trends.

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From Hokkaido to Okinawa, Japan is a richly varied country.
“Destinations” explores regional attractions that answer the question,
“Is Japan Cool?”

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