The only Harajuku food experience you need: Kawaii Monster Cafe

By Misha Janette

7F1A1037It’s time for something that epitomizes the Tokyo experience: crazy, colorful, and kawaii. This is the Kawaii Monster Cafe in Harajuku, and it is exactly what it sounds like, which is a weird and entertaining spot to dine that is like a page out of a rather twisted children’s storybook.


Let’s get to the belly of the beast, and that’s actually the concept: A monster has swallowed Harajuku whole, and you are invited inside the stomach where a land of colorful “zones” and equally colorful foods will be waiting for you (see the red carpet as the “tongue” of the monster).

A_4There are different spots you can choose to imbibe in, like the Mushroom Disco, the Mel-tea Room, or the Bar Experiment. There are wild decorations throughout, like toppling macrons, ants crawling on the ceiling, and giant toy horse heads sucking on milk IV drips from the ceiling (just try to imagine it!). The interior was all made by the same imaginative factory that does Tokyo Disneyland, so you know it’s top-notch. And don’t forget to check out the toilets… I’ll save the surprise for your visit.

A_3 A_2 A_1 A_6If you think this sounds all a bit crazy, you should know that it’s all in good fun. After all,  the creative force behind this bamboozle of imagination is none other than Sebastian Masuda,  known for creating the crazier worlds of Japanese POP-icon Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (you may have seen her viral videos, like Pon Pon Pon).

IMG_8681In fact, Sebastian is a friend of mine and as he knows I am a stylist and creative director, he asked me to create the costumes for the 5 mascots of the Monster Cafe, known as Monster Girls. When you enter the restaurant, you will be greeted with a giant melting cake merry-go-round, and a Monster Girl to take you to your seat. There’s Crazy, Baby, Nasty, Candy and Dolly- who will be there on your visit? You never know! And the girls already have massive fan followings online.

7F1A1047 7F1A1045 7F1A1049 7F1A1043 7F1A1052The food is just as mind-blowing, but depending on your tolerance for food coloring, you may want to stick to the drinks, although those come with entertaining “tricks” as well. The pasta may look sweet, but it’s actually garlic butter-flavored, and each color is a different kind of pasta sauce that you “dip” the noodles in. The most popular item is apparently the monstrous parfait, which is all ordered on an iPad menu that comes inside a plastic sheet cake.

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The table charge here is 500yen per person, and comes with a chance to take photos with the Monster Girls, and being able to choose which zone you want to sit in. The Kawaii Monster Cafe is being hailed as the next must-see spot in Tokyo, if only to feel that there is more than one amusement place where being able to enjoy a wacky atmosphere doesn’t come with the requisite of being a child.

4 Chome-31-10 Jingūmae, Shibuya-ku 4th floor (across the street from shoes shop ABC Mart on Meiji-dori)
Open  11am-10:30pm (last order at 10pm)
Official Website




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