Issou Coffee – Rediscover your favourite latte, the Yakushima way

By Ben Davis

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Whilst Tokyo holds an incomprehensibly wide array of cultural offerings, I often find myself venturing to areas both famous and far-flung in order to seek out the local spots that capture the essence of a place – regional destinations that are remarkable for the simple fact that they couldn’t exist anywhere else. On a late-summer trip to Yakushima I had the pleasure of meeting Tadayuki and Mikako Takata at their roastery/coffee shop Issou Coffee, where I was enchanted by the way their considered approach to specialty coffee was complemented by the unique island setting to result in an incomparable experience.

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Located around 60 kilometres from the southern tip of Kyushu, the island of Yakushima is home to mountainous peaks, old-growth forests and a rugged coastline dotted with small towns that offer a simple, close-to-nature way of life. As a destination for outdoor adventurers and fans of Hayao Miyazaki’s ‘Princess Mononoke’ – a film inspired by the island’s natural landscapes – many visitors are familiar with delicacies such as freshly caught tobiuo (flying fish) and Mitake-brand shochu, yet another local favourite resides in the small northern town of Issou.

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Tucked in a humble white bungalow on the edge of Issou, a town famous for kubioresaba (broken neck mackerel), Issou Coffee is built around a dedication to selecting, roasting and appreciating specialty coffee. Utilising a handful of original, single origin roasts that Tadayuki prepares each morning, their menu pairs french press and espresso-based offerings with daily cakes and sweets, as well as including other island beverages. Despite being an afternoons-only coffee shop, you’re almost always likely to encounter a bunch of customers – iced latte in hand – spread between the open-air deck and the warm timber interior, where an eclectic selection of pre-1940s world music is joined by curious albums that seemingly transcend old and new.

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Beyond the allure of an outpost for coffee-lovers on a subtropical island partway to Okinawa, it’s the unique combination of batch-roasted specialty coffee and Yakushima’s pristine natural environment that makes Issou Coffee a must-visit destination. The island’s frequent, heavy rainfalls send torrents down through the mountains to the coast, providing almost-distilled quality fresh water that allows you to savour the flavours of each roast; whilst the crisp, clean air and overwhelming quiet mean that whether your inside or out, you’ll have an inhibition-free backdrop to appreciate your coffee.

Aside from allowing you to indulge in a Yakushima coffee experience, the shop also acts as an information hub of sorts. A shelf of well-known guidebooks is joined by alternative publications that offer a glimpse into Yakushima’s Beat Era; whilst the steady stream of locals and travellers – not to mention two friendly and knowledgable owners – will most likely see you leave with a list of peaks to hike, and places to visit.

-Issou Coffee
-Where: 2282-2 Issou, Yakushima, Kumage, Kagoshima
-When: Thu-Mon, 1-6pm




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