This time, the theme is Dreams.
It’s an area of Japanese strength in the world:
the Japanese strength to dream.

This strength is embodied in unique imagination combined
with technical mastery of craftsmanship,
which has moved hearts around the globe.

The worlds of Japanese anime, manga,
and games have out-of-the-box originality
and a keen sense of quality.
Moreover, these worlds have directly influenced
many museums and unique inventions.

Behind these dreams is something
almost everyone has experienced
once in childhood: a vision of the future.
Japanese people’s faith in such visions
and technological prowess are shaping culture,
inspiring creative imagination,
and sowing the seeds of dreams around the world.


PES (Peace Eco Smile) is a team project of Toyota and STUDIO4°C, a famous creators’ group of experts in high-quality visual design. The PES project seeks to spread the "joy of movement” for people’s happiness and excitement through animation work with a “TOY” concept — a part of the “TOYOTA” company name. Now, PES and ANA have collaborated on production of a movie to open the ANA “IS JAPAN COOL? DREAMS” website, which introduces the fantastic world of anime, manga, and games representing Japan’s recent cultures. A clip from this movie covers all the processes of animated movie-making — including character design, sketching, original illustration, and finishing — in team interviews with STUDIO4°C staff members.