What’s kawaii?

It’s a Japanese adjective, often used as an exclamation of delight. You’ll hear it uttered when something seems precious, intriguing, loveable, or irresistible. It fact, it’s said to be becoming the most famous Japanese word in the world, surpassing kon’nichiwa (hello) or arigato (thank you). Recently, it’s been taking new meanings, as an indispensable expression for whatever Japanese girls like — beautiful, cool, weird, pop, colorful, sparkling, fluffy, etc. And now, due to this expression, new fashion genres are popping up, such as anime, mascots, nail art, sweets, and celebrity idols. There are no rules. Anything, anywhere can be kawaii.

The Harajuku area in Tokyo used to be its epicenter center. But now, thanks to many Japanese artists and the iconic performer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, kawaii power is taking the world by storm. Regardless of age, profession, or nationality, any woman who dreams about being an eternal girl can experience this amazing magic. That’s what kawaii is all about!