Do lots of visitors look forward to cool shopping in Japan? There’s a multitude of stores here for shopping enjoyment, and one type of store with a multitude of attractions. The department store — filled with quality goods gathered by expert marketers to interest enthusiasts from around the globe, like you. Now this site introduces different ways to shop and attractive goods at Mitsukoshi Isetan, one of Japan’s leading department stores, where history and merchandise unite tradition and innovation.

Discover cutting-edge creators in the world fashion industry, handicrafts that inherit a legacy of tradition, foods and cuisine admired for bounty and delicacy. Watch craftsmen demonstrate their creations to customers and tell product stories in fascinating detail. Note sales style that reflects caring for each item and consideration for each customer. Make the most of your experience with the help of expert store staff.

Shopping in Japan offers cultural enjoyment. When you visit a department store, you’ll learn a lot about seasonal foods, manufacturing quality, and omotenashi (Japanese hospitality). Why don’t you come to Japan to savor the “taste” of cool shopping?

This main movie is an image video featuring Isetan Shinjuku (main store) and Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi (main store).
Products appearing in this video footage were available when the video was made and are not necessarily available now in Isetan Shinjuku (main store) or Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi (main store).