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Fukuoka Prefecture contains the urban center of Hakata, the largest on Japan's southern island of Kyushu, and its people are known for their outstanding hospitality. Fukuoka residents welcome visitors with a smile. In the friendly tones of the Fukuoka dialect – nanshiyotto, umakane, yoka yoka – they ask “Is there anywhere you want to travel? Is there any dish you want to try?” This might be why the area has always been an international city, which commenced trade with China around the 12th century.

For the Japanese, the name “Fukuoka” conjures up images of food first and foremost, such as ramen, stews, and hotpot dishes. Fukuoka is a Japanese gourmet destination ranking alongside Osaka and Hokkaido. When planning your journey, you should definitely make a list of what you’d like to eat. When you arrive, ask locals for recommendations where to dine. For example, just ask where you can get delicious pork ramen and you’ll hear from everyone about their favorite ramen shop. Local Fukuoka hospitality has a warm and human touch. That's the charm of Fukuoka.

    • Spring 10°C – 23°C
      The Hakata Dontaku Festival, flounder, cherry blossoms in Nishi-Koen Park, ice goby fishing in the Muromi River
    • Summer 20°C – 35°C
      The Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival, prawns, loquats, wisteria in the Kawachi Fuji-en Gardens
    • Autumn 13°C – 30°C
      The hojoya ceremony, barracuda sushi, autumn leaves at the relics of Akiyama Castle
    • Winter 10°C – ¬2°C
      Hatsumode visits to Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine, ramen, stews, hotpots, aranabe dishes
    • Hakata
      Located at the heart of Fukuoka Prefecture, this is the largest city in Kyushu. It boasts a wealth of delicious things, including countless popular ramen shops and food stalls. It also offers good airport access, and serves as an excellent base for travel around Fukuoka.
    • Dazaifu
      Dazaifu is the town where the Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine visited by seven million people each year from all over Japan is located. One of Fukuoka’s most well-known tourist destinations, it’s always crowded with people.
    • Kokura
      Located at the northern end of Fukuoka Prefecture, Kokura is a city in Kitakyushu also close to the island of Honshu. Kokura flourished as a castle town under towering Kokura Castle, and it is notable for its beautiful streets and cheap-and-cheerful local cuisine.
    • Yanagawa
      This castle town is known as the hometown of poet Hakushu Kitahara. It’s well known for boat tour on river too. Enjoy the historic cityscape, dotted with namako-walled buildings and encircled by a moat.
    • By Car
      Fukuoka Prefecture is massive. It’s more than double the size of Tokyo and quite long along the north-south direction. Allocate sufficient time if you want to enjoy traveling by car.
    • By Bus
      If you’re traveling by bus, Fukuoka Prefecture’s Nishitetsu long-distance coach service is very convenient. Bus lines connecting popular areas include Fukuoka–Kitakyushu, Fukuoka–Kurume, and Fukuoka–Kokura. The Nishitetsu coach service operates not only in Fukuoka Prefecture, but also across the whole of Kyushu.
    • By Train
      Fukuoka has three main train services: the subway lines, JR lines, and Nishitetsu lines. Kyushu is a paradise for train travel, and it boasts countless special express trains. Double your fun by catching a unique special express.
    • By Airplane
      Fukuoka has two main gateways by air: Fukuoka Airport and Kitakyushu Airport. Unless you need to go to Kokura, Fukuoka Airport is probably more convenient.
    • Fukuoka Airport is a 1 hour, 50 minute flight from Haneda Airport.
    • Fukuoka Airport is a 2 hour, flight from Narita Airport.
    • Fukuoka Airport is a 1 hour flight from Itami Airport.
    • Fukuoka Airport is a 1 hour flight from Kansai International Airport.
    • Fukuoka Airport is a 2 hour, 15 minute flight from New Chitose Airport.
    • Fukuoka Airport is a 1 hour, 30 minute flight from Chubu Centrair International Airport.
    • Fukuoka Airport is a 50 minute flight from Matsuyama Airport.
    • Fukuoka Airport is a 45 minute flight from Miyazaki Airport.
    • Fukuoka Airport is a 1 hour flight from Naha Airport.
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