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Fukushima Airport

Ishikawa County

The gateway to Tohoku, located in the center of Fukushima Prefecture

Fukushima airport is located right in the center of Fukushima Prefecture, providing easy access to the sea, inland and Aizu. It is a rare airport built within a park. A shuttle bus runs from the airport to Iwaki Station and Koriyama Station, so you can also travel by train with peace of mind.

  • Fukushima Airport's photo
  • Fukushima Airport's photo
  • Fukushima Airport's photo

“Ultraman” and monsters welcome you!

Sukagawa, the area in which Fukushima Airport is located, is the birthplace of Eiji Tsuburaya, best known as the director of the "Godzilla" movie and Ultraman series. You will be greeted by Ultraman and monsters at the airport terminal! It's also fun searching for Ultraman in the airport which features a sculpture of Ultraman that stands over four meters tall in the front courtyard, three dimensional miniature models re-enacting scenes from the TV drama, and stores selling Ultraman related goods.

  • Fukushima Airport's photo
  • Fukushima Airport's photo

"Wakuwaku Land Tamakawa" – an exciting playground where children can watch the planes take off and land

"Wakuwaku Land Tamakawa" is a rather unusual facility in Fukushima airport. It's an indoor space with toys such as airplanes in which children can enjoy aviation through play and is crowded with many children from early morning. Children particularly enjoy the event of sending off the airplanes as they take off. They gather by the window overlooking the runway, put on gloves resembling an oversized hand, and wave at the planes. ANA staff also join in waving at the planes, and the children are extremely happy.

  • Fukushima Airport's photo
  • Fukushima Airport's photo
  • Fukushima Airport's photo

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  • Address
    21 Kitasugama Habakita, Tamakawa-mura, Ishikawa-gun, Fukushima-ken
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Fukushima Airport is a one hour flight from Itami Airport.
Fukushima Airport is a one hour 20 minute flight from New Chitose Airport.


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