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Lake Inawashiro


A clear lake in the center of Fukushima, shining like a mirror

Lake Inawashiro is in the very center of Fukushima, taking its name from the Inawashiro area, and is known as the fourth largest lake in Japan. Its high level of transparency reflects the sky like a mirror, earning it the nickname “Sky Mirror Lake”, and on sunny days the clear water appears an even deeper shining blue. It is also famous for its sightseeing boats, the ice droplets that form on trees when strong winter winds blow water into the air, and the swans that visit.

  • Lake Inawashiro's photo
  • Lake Inawashiro's photo
  • Lake Inawashiro's photo

A bit further is the Goshikinuma nature trail

About 10 kilometers to the north of Lake Inawashiro is the Bandai Plateau where you’ll find a rare natural attraction in the 20 to 30 lakes created by the eruption of Mount Bandai. The Bishamon-numa Lake is colored emerald green, and Benten-numa Lake spreads out near a Japanese red pine forest. A trail connects each lake for easy trekking. First-time visitors can rest easy with information at the visitor center. Come enjoy a leisurely walk among invigorating nature.

  • Lake Inawashiro's photo
  • Lake Inawashiro's photo

Feel the full force of nature through paragliding and canoeing

The Inawashiro area is rich in water and greenery, making paragliding and canoeing popular. There are also tours where you can try your hand at lure fishing. Inawashiro is the only area in Fukushima that has such a wide variety of activities. Soar through the sky and glide over the water to encounter different types of scenery.

  • Lake Inawashiro's photo
  • Lake Inawashiro's photo

For reference

Lake Inawashiro

  • Address
    Inawashiro-machi, Yama-gun, Fukushima-ken
  • Telephone
    0242−62−2048 (Inawashiro Tourist Association)
  • Recommended season
    Spring to autumn
  • Website


Fukushima Airport is a one hour flight from Itami Airport.
Fukushima Airport is a one hour 20 minute flight from New Chitose Airport.
Take the limousine bus from Fukushima Airport to Aizuwakamatsu (40 min) and get off at Koriyama Station.
At Koriyama Station, transfer to the JR Ban’etsu West Line and get off at Inawashiro Station (45 min).
From Inawashiro Station, take the bus to Nagahama bus stop (15 min). The lake is close by.


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