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Saga Prefecture is located in the northwest of the Kyushu area. It is rather a small prefecture—of Japan’s 47 prefectures, it is the 42nd in size. On the other hand, Saga is known as rich in nature; to the north lies rich the ocean currents of the Genkainada Sea and to the south lies Kyushu’s largest bay, the Ariake Sea, while the vast Saga plains extend inland. There is also a long history of human habitation, as evidenced by the Yoshinogari ruins of the Yayoi period (circa 300 BC to 300 AD), and the region has obviously nurtured a diversity of cultures.

When you travel to Saga, the keywords are going to be ceramics, food, and nature. A variety of ceramic cultures, such as the famed Karatsu, Arita, and Imari pottery and porcelain ware, emerged from the Saga region. The northwestern area of Saga prefecture in particular is dotted with pottery villages. Since the prefecture is quite small, it’s worth touring around these pottery villages in two days with one overnight stay.

As far as food goes, the prefecture is known for fresh seafood and juicy beef. Many Japanese visit from far away just for the Yobuko squid and Takezaki crab. Saga cows are renowned, with Japanese black cattle very popular for producing beef with a good balance of fat. Saga Prefecture is overflowing with pristine natural blessings.

Packed with charm despite its small size, Saga Prefecture is never glitzy, but instead promises a fascinating and profound journey. Take your time to explore and enjoy east, west, and every little corner of the prefecture.

    • Spring 8°C–20°C

      Arita Ceramics Fair, Imari Spring Ceramics Fair, Kashima Gatalympics, dekopon citrus

    • Summer 19°C–32°C
      Yobuko squid, mudskipper, Kyushu fireworks

    • Autumn 12°C–21°C
Saga International Balloon Fiesta, Karatsu Kunchi festival, dabu simmered stew
Winter 1°C–12°C

      Takezaki crab, Takezaki oyster, Ureshino hot springs, Takeo hot springs, fan-mussels
    • Saga
      The central area of Saga Prefecture. Located nearly in the middle of the prefecture. With great access from Saga Airport, this area makes a good base for travel. Since it was a castle town, some historic buildings still remain.
    • Takeo & Ureshino
      These are the two major hot springs areas in Saga. Spend some leisurely time in beautiful natural surroundings.
    • Karatsu & Yobuko
      In the north of Saga Prefecture. Easy to access from the Fukuoka area facing onto the Sea of Japan. Aside from Karatsu pottery, it’s also famous for Yobuko squid.
    • Ariake Sea
      The southern area facing onto the Ariake Sea. Takezaki crab is also famous. There are many sake breweries on the Hizen beach too.
    • Arita & Imari
      These porcelain-producing villages represent not only Saga, but all of Japan. Home to an ongoing tradition of pottery, a nostalgic landscape still remains.
    • Car
      The Nagasaki Expressway traverses the prefecture from east to west. Since Saga is so compact in size at around 2,400 km2, it makes for a great leisurely journey by car.
    • Bus
      Although bus services around the city of Saga are well developed, there are fewer regional services. Bus travel also takes some time.
    • Train
      JR rail lines connect Saga Station with the major tourist areas. There are some limited express rail services, which are great for reducing travel times.
    • Air
      Saga Airport offers domestic flights to Haneda Airport only. In spring and fall, some services also fly to Narita Airport. There are also flights to Seoul and Shanghai.
    • Saga Airport is a 90-minute flight from Haneda Airport.
  • Yobuko squid
    Yobuko squid


  • Yoshinogari Ruins
    Yoshinogari Ruins


  • Takeo City Library
    Takeo City Library

    Takeo City

  • Farmhouse stays
    Farmhouse stays


  • Arita ware porcelain
    Arita ware porcelain


  • Okawachiyama (Nabeshima ware & Imari ware)
    Okawachiyama (Nabeshima ware & Imari ware)

    Imari City

  • Saga International Balloon Fiesta
    Saga International Balloon Fiesta

    Saga City

  • The festivals of Saga
    The festivals of Saga

    Karatsu City, Kashima City, Imari City

  • Saga Airport
    Saga Airport

    Saga City