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Tottori Prefecture is in an area known as the Chugoku region, to the west of the Kansai region, which is home to both Kyoto and Osaka. Although it is in western Japan, it faces the Sea of Japan and is known for its great snowfall. Tottori is long in the east-west direction, and the center is home to the famous Nageire Hall of Sanbutsu-ji Temple on Mount Mitoku. In the east you will find many hot springs, and Daisen, the most famous mountain in this area, is quietly enshrined in the west. There are many souvenirs and Japanese sake named after Daisen, and when you see it with your own eyes, you can understand what a presence it has in the lives of people in Tottori.

When thinking of food from Tottori, it has to be crab! Sakaiminato is a port city that not only represents the San’in region, but is also the largest producer of crab in all of Japan. Tottori experiences a great deal of snow, and the scenery of Misasa Hot Spring under a blanket of fresh snow is something special. If you want to enjoy food, winter is the best time to come, and summer is recommended for any who want to enjoy trekking on Daisen and Tottori’s sand dunes.

    • Spring: 8℃ to 25℃
      Japanese scallions, Mosa shrimp, Misasa Flowers and Hot Spring Festival
    • Summer: 20℃ to 32℃
      Daisen beer, white squid, Yonago Gaina Festival
    • Autumn: 7℃ to 18℃
      21st century Asian pears, Saijo persimmons, Mount Mitoku Fire Festival, Daisen autumn foliage
    • Winter: 1℃ to 5℃
      Matsuba crab, flathead flounder, skiing, Baba hot pot
    • Tottori
      This is the central town in Tottori. It is a good spot to reserve a hotel and use as the starting point for your journey. Buses connecting to Misasa Hot Spring are also available.
    • Daisen
      Mount Daisen is the focal point of this area, and the symbol not only for Tottori, but the entire San’in region. Rich in natural beauty, this area is perfect for enjoying outdoor activities such as trekking and skiing.
    • Yonago
      Close to Shimane prefecture, this is the second largest city in Tottori. There are many hotels in the metropolitan area, making it a good point from which to start your travels. Yonago is also close to Kaike Hot Spring near the Sea of Japan.
    • Misasa Hot Spring
      This is the hot spring area Tottori is famous for. The bulk of the famous tourist spots are concentrated here including Nageire Hall. Spending a few nights here and seeing the sights in the area is recommended.
    • Kurayoshi
      This castle town has been prosperous since ancient times, and is located in the very center of Tottori prefecture. This area is famous for its rows of storehouses with white plastered earthen walls and red tiled roofs. Misasa Hot Spring is easily accessible from this location.
    • Sakaiminato
      This is a famous port town in the San’in region popular for its Matsuba crab. The Yonago Kitaro Airport is sandwiched between a lake called the Nakaumi and Miho Bay.
    • By car
      Tottori prefecture is a long stretch of land. Travelling by car is recommended for those who want to drive by the seaside and Daisen mountain areas. However, the mountain roads in the Daisen area have many sharp curves, and caution is necessary due to many motorcyclists.
    • By bus
      Tottori has a network of buses linking the tourist areas. The easiest way to get from each airport to city areas is by bus. Buses from Kurayoshi to Misasa Hot Spring and from Tottori Station to Tottori sand dunes are particularly convenient.
    • By train
      There is no bullet train service in Tottori. After flying in, you can use the JR local or limited express trains. Train delays are virtually unheard of, so planning a trip is easy.
    • By airplane
      There are two airports in Tottori, Tottori Sakyu Conan Airport in the east and Yonago Kitaro Airport in the west. Flights from Tokyo are the same for both. A good trip would be to fly in to Tottori Sakyu Conan Airport and work your way west while seeing the sights and fly back from Yonago Kitaro Airport.
    • Tottori Sakyu Conan Airport is approximately a one hour and 15 minute flight from Haneda Airport.
    • Yonago Kitaro Airport is approximately a one hour and 15 minute flight from Haneda Airport.
  • Tottori Sand Dunes
    Tottori Sand Dunes


  • Matsuba Crab
    Matsuba Crab

    Tottori and Sakaiminato

  • Misasa Hot Spring
    Misasa Hot Spring

    Misasa-cho, Tohaku County

  • Sanbutsu-ji Temple on Mount Mitoku
    Sanbutsu-ji Temple on Mount Mitoku

    Misasa-cho, Tohaku County

  • Ishitani Residence
    Ishitani Residence

    Chizu-cho, Yazu County

  • Shoji Ueda Museum of Photography
    Shoji Ueda Museum of Photography

    Hoki-cho, Saihaku County

  • Daisen

    Daisen-cho, Kotoura-cho, Kofu-cho

  • Tottori Sakyu Conan / Yonago Kitaro Airport
    Tottori Sakyu Conan / Yonago Kitaro Airport

    Tottori / Sakaiminato