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Daisen-cho, Kotoura-cho, Kofu-cho

Also called Saihaku Fuji – the pride of Tottori and one of Japan’s four famous mountains

Mount Daisen has an imposing symmetrical shape. In winter, a beautiful blanket of snow adorns the mountain, and when viewed from the northwest, it looks almost exactly like Mount Fuji. With an elevation of 1,711 meters, Mount Daisen is the tallest mountain in the Chugoku region, loved by many and sometimes called Houki Fuji. A plateau spreads out in the western foothills, creating a pastoral atmosphere. The mountain face in the north and south are steep for a dynamic expression. The entire area is designated as Daisen-Oki National Park, and is a protected area for wild birds and virgin forest. Learn about the natural beauty of each season and think of which time you would like to visit.

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Try hiking while admiring the fresh greenery from spring to summer

Buds appear universally on trees and flowers in spring. The Japanese spring is overflowing with the moist, happy air of budding greenery. The Summer Mountain Climbing Course is recommended for hiking on Mount Daisen in the spring and summer. This is a beginner’s course where you climb up the western side of Gyoja Valley, which is the source of the Sada River, and then to the 1,700 meter summit of Mount Misen. Mount Daisen is also famous for being the home of Japan’s leading Japanese beech forest. This is also the best season to drink the delicious water produced by the beech forest.

  • Daisen's photo
  • Daisen's photo

You can also visit in the fall to see the foliage and in the winter to visit the ski resorts

From October to November, Mount Daisen’s foliage is ablaze in red, yellow, and orange. A must-see is Okumiya of Ogamiyama Shrine, the symbol of Mount Daisen. The stone-paved approach is decorated with fallen leaves, and the magnificent main hall appears in the interior, connected with the worship hall by a passageway. Once the vivid colors of autumn have passed, Mount Daisen transforms into a silver white world. The most famous ski resort in the area is Daisen White Resort, where you can see the ocean from the slopes. Once you reach the summit, a magnificent panoramic view awaits you down below.

  • Daisen's photo
  • Daisen's photo

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Yonago Kitaro Airport is approximately a one hour and 15 minute flight from Haneda Airport.
  • From Yonago Kitaro Airport, take the train to JR Yonago Station (30 minutes). From Yonago Station, take the Nihon Kotsu bus (approx. 1 hour). Get off at Daisen-dera.


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