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Toyama Prefecture is located in the center of Honshu, facing the Sea of Japan. Sightseers are overwhelmed by Toyama Prefecture's dynamic landscape including the Northern Alps - a series of 3000m plus peaks, the huge “Yuki no Otani” snow valley that appears in the alps and the Kurobe Dam created by a total of 10 million workers.

Food is essential in order to gain a deep understanding of Toyama. Winter yellowtail, sweet shrimp and firefly squid are well known delicacies, and kelp is deeply connected to the lives of the Toyama people through the four seasons. Toyama consumes the most kelp of any city in Japan. While the local cuisine of Toyama such as sushi and shredded kelp onigiri cannot be considered fancy, it has a simple deliciousness. This simple taste that slowly comes out of the kelp speaks of the charm of Toyama Prefecture.

    • Spring 7°C to 22°C
      Firefly squid rise to the surface of the sea, Sakura on the banks of the Matsukawa River, Tateyama / Yuki no Otani
    • Summer 22°C to 30°C
      White shrimp, Etchu-yatsuo, Owara Kaze No Bon, Takaoka Tanabata Festival, Tonami Yotaka Matsuri, Kurobe Dam water discharge
    • Autumn 10°C to 20°C
      Autumn leaves of the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, Johana Mugiya Matsuri
    • Winter -0.3°C to 10°C
      Winter yellowtail, crab, turnip sushi, winter Gokayama
    • Tateyama/Kurobe
      An alpine tourist area around the Northern Alps - a series of 3000m plus peaks. Attractions include the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route and Kurobe Dam.
    • Gokayama
      Located on the border of Gifu Prefecture, Gokayama is a village with Gassho-style housing that has been registered as a World Heritage Site. The adjacent Shirakawago is also a World Heritage-registered village with Gassho-style housing.
    • Toyama City
      The center of Toyama Prefecture. If you stay in Toyama City for a few days, it is easy to access various areas of the prefecture by train and bus. Toyama City faces Toyama Bay and is a great place to enjoy fresh seafood.
    • Kurobe Gorge
      A gorge in which visitors can enjoy a truck train journey. There is also a hot spring, allowing visitors to relax and slowly soak in the natural beauty. This nature spot can also be enjoyed by persons with no physical strength.
    • Takaoka
      A castle town home to Takaoka Castle. Takaoka is a flourishing casting area which produces Takaoka copperware amongst other artefacts.
    • By Car
      There are multiple expressways providing access to Toyama such as the Nagano Expressway, Hokusetsu Expressway and Joshin-etsu Expressway. While a vehicle is a useful means of transport within the small prefecture, the road conditions can be tricky. Particular care is required when driving along mountain paths.
    • By Bus
      There are very few buses in Toyama. The shuttle bus from the airport to Toyama Station is convenient, but otherwise it's better to travel by train.
    • By Train
      Trains in Toyama can generally be divided into JR trains and Dentetsutoyama trains. There is a JR Toyama Station and Dentetsu-Toyama Station; Dentetsu-Toyama provides convenient access to Tateyama and Unazuki Onsen.
    • By Airplane
      There is one airport in the inland area of Toyama Prefecture. There is little to see around the airport, so it's better to take the shuttle bus to JR Toyama Station upon your arrival
    • Toyama Kitokito Airport is a 1 hour flight from Haneda Airport.
    • Toyama Kitokito Airport is a 1 hour, 30 minute flight from New Chitose Airport.
  • Starbucks Coffee Toyama Kansui Park Store
    Starbucks Coffee Toyama Kansui Park Store

    Toyama City

  • Kurobe Dam
    Kurobe Dam


  • Seafood

    All of Toyama Prefecture

  • Gokayama Gassho-style Houses
    Gokayama Gassho-style Houses

    Nanto City

  • Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route
    Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route


  • Kurobe Gorge Train
    Kurobe Gorge Train

    Kurobe City

  • The Suiboku Museum, Toyama
    The Suiboku Museum, Toyama

    Toyama City

  • Casting

    Takaoka City

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    All of Toyama Prefecture

  • Toyama Kitokito Airport
    Toyama Kitokito Airport

    Toyama City