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The Suiboku Museum, Toyama

Toyama City

The world of suiboku-ga that represents the Zen spirit.

Do you know about the technique of "suiboku-ga" (ink painting)? It is a method of painting solely with the black ink, called "sumi", used in calligraphic works and paintings; the technique originated in China and was introduced to Japan along with the Zen spirit during the Kamakura period. The Suiboku Museum, Toyama is one of the rare museums in Japan which showcases the world of suiboku-ga. Located in a large garden, the museum houses a collection of works from modern suiboku-ga artists such as Taikan Yokoyama

  • The Suiboku Museum, Toyama's photo

Color that emerges in the monotone.

"Sumi ni gosai ari" (there are five colors in black ink). This is an ancient Japanese saying meaning even black "sumi" ink has many different variations of color. It means that various colors emerge in the achromatic world through the skill of the artist and the wisdom of the viewer. Suiboku-ga is also said to represent the Zen philosophy; persons viewing the art can conjure up various images from the simple representation. The exhibition room of the Suiboku Museum, Toyama is always decorated with around 25 works of suiboku-ga artists, and it is surprising to observe the marked differences in style within the same technique. As the technique itself is so simple, you should be able to feel the personality of each artist as well as the style of each era.

  • The Suiboku Museum, Toyama's photo
  • The Suiboku Museum, Toyama's photo

Experience Japanese culture through tea house and Japanese garden tour

After enjoying the world of suiboku-ga, why not explore the Japanese garden surrounding the museum? You will be surprised at its size. The "Bokkouan" tea house can also be found at the back of the museum. It is a typical "Sukiya"-style tea house designed by Sotoji Nakamura where you can enjoy a cup of match tea with sweets for 500 yen. The Suiboku Museum, Toyama provides you with a deliberate experience of Japanese culture through gardens, tea and art.

  • The Suiboku Museum, Toyama's photo
  • The Suiboku Museum, Toyama's photo
  • The Suiboku Museum, Toyama's photo
  • The Suiboku Museum, Toyama's photo

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Toyama Kitokito Airport is a 1 hour flight from Haneda Airport.
Toyama Kitokito Airport is a 1 hour, 30 minute flight from New Chitose Airport.
Take the bus from Toyama Kitokito Airport to the JR Toyama Station (approx. 25 min).
Take the circular bus from the JR Toyama Station and get off at the Suiboku Bijutsukan stop.
The museum is a short distance from the bus stop.


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