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Mogami Gorge Basho Line Tour


The natural beauty of the Mogami River, one of the three swiftest rivers in Japan

The Mogami River flowing through central Yamagata can truly be called the scenery at the heart of those who live here. This upstream region is called the Mogami Gorge, and is surrounded by mountains on both sides for especially beautiful scenery. This valley can be seen on a leisurely, one-hour boat ride down the river on the Mogami Gorge Basho Line Tour. Basho refers to the Japanese haiku master who composed a famous haiku about the speed of the Mogami River.

  • Mogami Gorge Basho Line Tour's photo
  • Mogami Gorge Basho Line Tour's photo

A must-see are the three humorous waterfalls

The Mogami Gorge Basho Line Tour is a 12 kilometer long course. Going down the river you’ll find 15 meter deep rapids and the majestic scenery of a 160 meter wide section of the river. The unique waterfalls visible at certain points in the tour are a must-see. The three waterfalls are rich in personality. Nanataki Falls is split into seven levels from the summit. Shiritaki Falls has a rock shaped like a rear end at its source, and Shiraito Falls is a dynamic waterfall that flows down the mountain face for 123 meters.

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Listen to traditional boat songs while enjoying an elegant trip downriver

Long, slender, roofed boats that can carry up to 30 passengers are used for travelling down the river. There are a variety of watercraft to choose from, such as traditional boats with tatami and seat cushions, winter-only boats with kotatsu heaters, and boats with chairs where you don’t have to remove your shoes. Make a reservation ahead of time so you can enjoy a lunch box or potato stew on your trip downriver. Feasting on a potato stew while warming yourself under a kotatsu heater in the winter is an wonderful treat. Two indispensable elements for a trip downriver are the ferryman and the traditional boating song. The Mogami River has its own historical song, the Mogami River Boating Song, and the singing of the ferryman lends a charming atmosphere to your travels. The shouts in the song are easy to remember, so feel free to sing along with the ferryman.

  • Mogami Gorge Basho Line Tour's photo
  • Mogami Gorge Basho Line Tour's photo
  • Mogami Gorge Basho Line Tour's photo

For reference

  • Address
    86-1 Oaza Furukuchi, Tozawa-mura, Mogami-gun, Yamagata-ken (Departs from Tozawa Clan Ship Guard Station)
  • Telephone
  • Open
    9:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • Price
    2,030 yen (one way), 2,680 yen (round trip)
  • Website


Shonai Airport is a one hour flight from Haneda Airport.
From the Shonai Airport, take the Shonai Bus to Sakata Station (40 min). From Sakata Station, take the JR Uetsu Main Line to Amarume Station (20 min). At Amarume Station, transfer to the Rikuu West Line and get off at Furukuchi Station (30 min). From Furukuchi Station, it is a five minute walk to the Tozawa Clan Ship Guard Station where the boats depart from.


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