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Industrial Night Scenery

Shunan City

Enjoy the sparkling lights of an industrial complex from a boat

In the past several years, the light display of industrial complexes have become popular in Japan. You can enjoy the glittering lights of these industrial areas on a night cruise. The Shunan area is famous for this scenery. The Shunan industrial complex is one of the oldest in Japan, with several dozen kilometers of industrial areas facing the gentle waves of the Seto Inland Sea. The flowing smoke from rising smokestacks and illuminated massive tanks and ducts look like something out of a science fiction movie. In Japan fans of such scenery has given their craze the name “kogyo moe (industrial fetish)”.

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Town and industry nestled together for a scenery that can only be found in the Shunan industrial complex

The most unique aspect of the Shunan industrial complex is that the town and industrial areas are right next to one another. The town to the north and the industrial area sprawling to the south sandwich the bullet train line. When viewed from the ocean, the lights of the residential area at the back overlap the factories and you can sense people’s lives and activities through the twinkling lights. This kind of scenery where the lights of everyday life and factories intertwine can only be seen in the Shunan area.

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Enjoy a nighttime cruising tour on the Seto Inland Sea

The leisurely 90 minute boat tour in the Port of Tokuyama leaves from the Seahorse Pier and circumnavigates Kurokami-jima and Senjima islands in the Seto Inland Sea. Up to 10 passengers can participate for a lively evening on the ocean. The guide explains each factory that appears on the trip and the boat stops in four different locations for photo opportunities. The best season for this is summer. Come enjoy a dramatic cruise while feeling the ocean breeze.

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    Tours are held irregularly. Tours start from six persons and reservations are required.
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    4,000 yen per person
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Iwakuni Kintaikyo Airport is approximately a one and a half hour flight from Haneda Airport.
Take shuttle bus from Iwakuni Kintaikyo Airport to Iwakuni Station (12 min). From Iwakuni Station, take the JR Tokuyama Line to Tokuyama Station (1 hr 20 min). Confirm transportation and times from JR Tokuyama Station to the pier when making reservations.

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