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Kintai Bridge


“A bridge that won’t be washed away!” – the bridge with 350 years of predecessor memories

Five arches leisurely span the 200 meter width of the Nishiki River. As one of the three most famous bridges in Japan, the Kintai Bridge is a historical structure built in 1673, and received two stars in the Michelin Green Guide to Japan (revised 3rd edition, 2013). The original Kintai Bridge was destroyed numerous times by repeated flooding of the Nishiki River. The continuous arch shape was born out of the desire to reduce the number of bridge supports and strengthen its resistance to water. In 2001, large-scale arch replacement construction was undertaken, and through rebuilding and maintenance, the five arches still link the riversides today.

  • Kintai Bridge's photo
  • Kintai Bridge's photo
  • Kintai Bridge's photo
  • Kintai Bridge's photo

The beauty of six different kinds of joined wood interwoven

The main point of interest is actually on the back side of the bridge. Both Japanese zelkova and pine are joined to support the beautiful arches. Japanese cypress is lavishly used on the walkway and handrails of the bridge, and its supports are made of cypress, chestnut, and oak. After crossing the bridge, head down to the riverside and take a look at the back side of the bridge. Invisible from the top of the bridge, here you should be able to see the fine craftsmanship of Japanese artisans that extend to every detail.

  • Kintai Bridge's photo

In the summer you can see pleasure boats and traditional cormorant fishing

Spring, summer, autumn, and winter all have their own beauty at Kintai Bridge, but the most spectacular of all is the atmosphere of summer. At night you can view the illuminated Kintai Bridge from a pleasure boat and enjoy traditional cormorant fishing where fisherman use cormorants to catch sweetfish. In August there are also fireworks displays. Six thousand fireworks color the night sky, making the arches of Kintai Bridge float in a dreamlike scene.

  • Kintai Bridge's photo
  • Kintai Bridge's photo

For reference

  • Address
    1 Iwakuni, Iwakuni-shi, Yamaguchi-ken
  • Telephone
    0827-29-5116 (Iwakuni Tourism Promotion Division)
  • Hours
    24 hours a day
  • Open
    365 days a year
  • Price
    300 yen to cross the bridge
  • Website


Iwakuni Kintaikyo Airport is approximately a one and a half hour flight from Haneda Airport.
From Iwakuni Kintaikyo Airport take the Iwakuni Bus (30 min) and get off at Kintai Bridge. Alternatively take the shuttle bus from Iwakuni Kintaikyo Airport to JR Iwakuni Station (10 min). From Iwakuni Station take the Iwakuni Bus (20 min) and get off at Kintai Bridge.


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