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Tsunoshima Bridge


A bridge floating in the cobalt blue Sea of Japan

Tsunoshiba Bridge is a popular course for an ocean drive. Tsunoshima island is known for its proximity to the main island and the clear water surrounding it. The bridge is 1,780 meters in length. This bridge, spanning from the main island to Tsunoshima island is the second longest in Japan that connects the main island with an isolated island, and its perfectly straight length and curves after the bridge are popular with drivers.

  • Tsunoshima Bridge's photo
  • Tsunoshima Bridge's photo

The parks on both sides of the bridge are perfect scenic photo spots

This scenery is beautifully interwoven with ocean, islands, and the bridge. For an amazing photo, be sure to stop by Amagase Park right before you cross the bridge. The viewing platform on the west side of the park offers romantic views of the entire Tsunoshima Bridge. You will also find Amagase Park on the far side of the bridge. The view of Tsunoshima Bridge against the main island from this spot is exceptional. Be sure to visit these two parks when crossing the bridge.

  • Tsunoshima Bridge's photo

With its white beaches and blue ocean, in Tsunoshima resort area you won’t believe you’re on the Sea of Japan

Once you reach the island, look for a beach spot to enjoy. One recommendation is the Shiokaze Cobalt Blue Beach. The soft white sand, gently rolling mountains in the background, and clear water draws many swimmers to this beach in summer. Close by is Shiokaze-no-Sato Tsunoshima where you’ll find local vegetables and seafood – the perfect place to search for souvenirs.

  • Tsunoshima Bridge's photo
  • Tsunoshima Bridge's photo

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  • Address
    Kanda, Hohoku-cho, Shimonoseki-shi, Yamaguchi-ken
  • Telephone
    083−786−0234 (Hohoku-cho Tourist Association)
  • Hours
  • Closed
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    Free of charge
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Yamaguchi Ube Airport is approximately a one and a half hour flight from Haneda Airport.
From Yamaguchi Ube Airport, take the airport shuttle bus to JR Shimonoseki Station (1 hour 15 min). At JR Shimonoseki Station, transfer to the San’in Main Line and get off at JR Kottoi Station (80 min). Take the Blue Line bus to the entrance of Hotel Nishinagato Resort (15 min) and the beach is a 5 minute walk from there.


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