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Yamanashi Prefecture is located right in the center of the Japanese archipelago. Just two hours by limited express train from Tokyo, Yamanashi is an easy area to visit. Yamanashi is surrounded by mountains 2,000 meters tall or higher – to the south, Mt. Fuji; to the west, the Southern Alps, including Japan’s second tallest peak, Mt. Kitadake; to the north, the Yatsugatake Mountains; and to the east, the Okuchichibu Mountains. Truly Yamanashi is a prefecture rich in natural beauty, refreshing plateaus, and is dotted beautiful lakes. When visiting Yamanashi, one famous personage one should take the time to learn about is Takeda Shingen. A military commander who fought with great success in the 1500s, Takeda Shingen flew a battle flag marked with the characters for wind, forest, fire, and mountain, likening his own abilities to these steadfast symbols, and was a hero who significantly expanded the borders of Kai Province, the predecessor to today’s Yamanashi.

A great statue of Shingen stands in front of Kofu Station, located in the heart of Yamanashi. There is also a street dedicated to Shingen and a Shingen festival; one can even find traditional Japanese confections with his name on them. Out of affection and respect, the people of Yamanashi call him “Shingen-san” or “Shingen-ko” (“Master Shingen”). The pride of being the home of a famous samurai is rooted in a great many of Yamanashi’s cultural traditions.

    • Spring 7°C to 22°C
      Strawberries, Shingen-ko Festival, the weeping cherry trees of the Minobu-san Kuon-ji temple, Fuefuki City Peach Blossom Festival
    • Summer 20°C to 35°C
      Oishi Park lavender beds, peaches, Japanese plums, Ozara noodle, the start of mountain climbing season on Mt. Fuji
    • Autumn 5°C to 25°C
      Grapes, pears, Fujikawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival
    • Winter -3°C to 6°C
      Hoto, chicken gut stew, Yoshida udon, Lake Saiko Ice Tree Festival
    • Kofu
      The heart of Yamanashi Prefecture. Kofu is filled with famous restaurants serving hoto soup and tori-motsuni (chicken gut stew), two beloved local dishes. Go a little further afield and you’ll find Shosen Gorge and its beautiful autumn foliage.
    • Katsunuma
      An area famous for its wine. With many grape and peach farms, Katsunuma is also famous for fruit picking.
    • Kiyosato
      Tableland across which stretch the Yatsugatake Mountains. Filled with pasture land and flower beds, visitors to the area can experience tranquil and gorgeous landscapes. Driving courses which travel through various picturesque spots are also popular.
    • Mt. Fuji, Fuji Five Lakes
      The Fuji Five Lakes are in the center of this area stretching out at the base of Mt. Fuji. It is also filled with major sightseeing and tourism spots such as the Fuji-Q Highland amusement park and famous mineral water springs. Don’t forget about countless sites offering superb picturesque views of Mt. Fuji!
    • Shimobe Onsen
      Located in the southwest of Yamanashi. Famous among other reasons for the Kuon-ji temple and the stunning blooms of its weeping cherry trees.
    • Car
      The Chuo Expressway connects Tokyo and Yamanashi. The expressway also crosses through Yamanashi itself, making it convenient for travelling between locations. Yamanashi also offers numerous driving courses for visitors to enjoy the prefecture’s abundance of picturesque scenery.
    • Bus
      Highway busses departing from bus terminals in Shinjuku service areas throughout Yamanashi. Highway busses offer access to various destinations with travel times and prices identical to that of taking a train (approximately two hours to Kofu).
    • Train
      Three main lines run through the prefecture: the JR Chuo Main Line running east and west; the Minobu Line connecting Kofu to Minobu; and the Fuji Kyuko traveling from Otsuki to Kawaguchiko. Major tourism spots can also be accessed by train.
    • Air
      Yamanashi Prefecture has no airport of its own. The closest airport offering the easiest access to Yamanashi is Haneda Airport.
    • JR Shinjuku Station is 30 minutes by shuttle bus from Haneda Airport. Kofu Station is about 90 minutes by limited express train from JR Shinjuku Station.
  • Fuji Five Lakes, Mt. Fuji
    Fuji Five Lakes, Mt. Fuji

    Fujikawaguchiko Town

  • Katsunuma wine
    Katsunuma wine

    Koshu City

  • Hoto

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  • Pensions, lodging facilities
    Pensions, lodging facilities

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  • Itchiku Kubota Art Museum
    Itchiku Kubota Art Museum


  • Kiyoharu Art Village
    Kiyoharu Art Village

    Hokuto City

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