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Osaka is nicknamed "Japan's kitchen" and is known amongst the Japanese people as the city of gastronomy. So, how is the food of Osaka different to that of Kyoto or Tokyo? For example, neither Osaka's famous takoyaki nor okonomiyaki are haute cuisine made with luxury ingredients. It's actually the appreciative palates of the Osakans that enhance the flavor. The cheapness of the food is also viewed as its aesthetic. Expensive foods are expected to be delicious, but it is the cheap delicious foods that are most appreciated in Osaka.

This thought clearly demonstrates the trading spirit of Osaka. Osaka flourished as a town of merchants from several hundred years ago, and Osakans remain assertive. Osaka is also the city of comedy. Laughing and eating are what makes a vibrant life. If you travel to Osaka, it's best to eat well and interact with the locals. The intonation of the local Osaka-ben dialect may seem a little rough at first, but everyone should speak to you in a friendly manner.

Osaka is the second biggest city in Japan after Tokyo. It is a passionate, vibrant city with warm, friendly people, where you can easily experience the differences between Eastern and Western Japan.

    • Spring 10°C - 25°C
      Kugini, Nakanoshima Rose Garden, Japanese plums and cherry blossoms in Osaka Castle Park
    • Summer 27°C - 34°C
      Tenjin Festival, PL (Church of Perfect Liberty) Fireworks Festival, pike conger eel
    • Autumn 10°C - 25°C
      Autumn leaves of Mino
    • Winter 3°C - 10°C
      Festivals "Yoi Ebisu, Toka Ebisu", Senshu cabbage, monkfish hotpot
    • Osaka / Umeda
      Osaka / Umeda is the central station in the Kita (North) area. These are actually two stations, "Osaka" and "Umeda", but they are adjacent to each other and in the same location. The JR lines run via Osaka Station and the Hankyu lines run via Umeda station. There are many fashion and office buildings in this area.
    • Namba
      Namba is another central station in the Minami (South) area. It is a lively area full of eateries. Namba is just south of Shinsaibashi and you can walk between the two stations. The Sennichimae area full of many well-established takoyaki and okonomiyaki stores is also within walking distance.
    • Suita
      A commuter town in which the Expo ’70 Commemorative Park is located. It can be accessed in about 30 minutes from Osaka / Umeda station. There are few shops, as this is a residential area.
    • Shinsaibashi
      Shinsaibashi is one of the central stations in the Minami (South) area. This is a youthful area home to many fashion and culture stores. The area is divided into small sections such as "Horie", "Minamisenba" and "Amerika-mura", with the Midosuji shopping street passing through its center.
    • Tennoji
      The traditional district of Osaka. Although the "Abeno Harukas" fashion building has been established, a strong atmosphere of the Showa era still remains. "Shin-sekai (New World)" is about a 20 minute walk from Tennoji.
    • Car
      Renting a vehicle is not really recommended in Osaka. With many one-way streets and heavy traffic, drivers not familiar with the city will find driving difficult. There are a lot of taxis available, so it's easier to grab a taxi from a train station to a destination that is further than walking distance.
    • Bus
      Compared to neighboring Kyoto, there are almost no buses in Osaka. The limousine bus, however, is a convenient way to go to and from the airport. Various routes lead from the airport, so take the bus which gets you the closest to your hotel or your first sightseeing spot.
    • Train
      The most convenient way of getting around Osaka is by train. A loop line circles the city with subway lines running inside the loop. The fares are around 1.5 times more expensive than in Tokyo, so you might find it cheaper to purchase a one-day pass.
    • Airplane
      Itami Airport, Osaka's gateway to the sky, is located in the northwest of Osaka about a 30 to 50 minute drive from the city. Flights to various cities throughout Japan including Tokyo depart from Itami Airport, so you can use Osaka as your base for further travels.
    • Approx. 1 hour and 45 minutes from New Chitose Airport to Itami Airport
    • Approx. 1 hour from Haneda Airport to Itami Airport
    • Approx. 1 hour and 20 minutes from Narita Airport to Itami Airport
    • Approx. 1 hour and 15 minutes from Fukuoka Airport to Itami Airport
    • Approx. 1 hour and 15 minutes from Kagoshima Airport to Itami Airport
    • Approx. 2 hours and 20 minutes from Naha Airport to Itami Airport
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    Osaka Castle


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    Expo '70 Commemorative Park


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